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'Do not resuscitate me, I'm 91!' Pensioner has TATTOO emblazoned on her chest

A SPRIGHTLY pensioner has had the words 'Do Not Resuscitate I'm 91' TATTOOED across her chest incase she falls seriously ill and attempts are made to revive her.

Nel Bolton, from The Hauge in the Netherlands, has been inked to prevent any doctor or relative from getting into trouble for obeying her wishes to be allowed to die.

She told a Dutch news site: "I do not want to be resuscitated if something bad happens. On television I have seen that at revivals paramedics are not looking for medallions.

"Then everything happens in seconds.

"If something happens to me, then it is a matter of seconds. This tattoo is the first thing they see when they rip open my blouse. "

She added: "I do not want to end up as a vegetable in a chair."

Although the tattoo will not protect the pensioner from life-prolonging measures because of the countries law, Ms Bolton remained defiant.

She hopes the tattoo will if at all, delay the revival or even stop it.

"Should this be necessary at this age, I'll never look good," Ms Bolton added.

And one day Ms Bolten hopes she will be able to persuade Minister Schippers of Health, to legalise these kinds of tattoos in the Netherlands.

Ms Bolton is not the only pensioner to have the controverisal message emblazoned across her chest. Frances Polack, 85, who lives in New Forest, Hampshire and Joy Tomkins, 81 from Norfolk join her.
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