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Is this Alexander Litvinenko's beyond the grave attack on Putin?

Exclusive: Days before the start of the public inquiry into his murder, a tape reveals for the first time what is believed to be Alexander Litvinenko's own account of the dangerous depths of his investigations into crime bosses linked to Russia.

By Lyndsey Telford, Edward Malnick and Claire Newell12:00PM GMT 23 Jan 2015
A tape apparently recorded by murdered Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko a year before he was poisoned has revealed he was digging up links between Vladimir Putin and one of the world’s most dangerous terrorists.
A Telegraph investigation uncovered the audio recording, in which the dissident claims from beyond the grave that Russia’s president had a “good relationship” with Semion Mogilevich - a Ukrainian crime boss who was on the FBI's most wanted list and whom Mr Litvinenko believed was selling weapons to al-Qaeda.
The apparent recording of Mr Litvinenko is published for the first time ahead of a public inquiry into his death, which begins on January 27

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