dedo Vasiľ (ded_vasilij) wrote,
dedo Vasiľ

Rapper Tom Waits

"Duo cum faciunt idem,
non est idem"
© сказал Терентий

Хотя я РЭП и не сильно уважаю как самостоятельный жанр, но местами приходится согласиться с его болелами, пронзает. Eсть и у РЭПа светлые стороны.
Вот пример, как Том Уэйтс в 2009 году заткнул за пояс всех подряд реперов-штреперов, а заодно и Раммштайн, теперь тряпьё, поди, курят от стыда.

"....The building never fall down.
They are the teeth of the town
they crush us up in they grind,
The meat and bone of the mind.
We gather here on the block
They key broke off in the lock.
I'll meet you down by the well
The balloon drops down at midnight
stranglin' the monkey with the hands of a clock
Good can't help but do a little Evil
Evil can't help but,
do a little Good.
Who's that singing in the kitchen by the stove?
All aboard for the night train!
they say the moon, it smells just like a cherry bomb.
Come on home,
all is forgiven.
Everything costs.
Deliver us from evil,
and carry your own cross...."
Tags: tom waits, музыка, поэзия

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