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Bellingcat team report: downing of MH17

ded_vasilij в Старом Добром Клубе скопипастил документ:

After analyzing a massive volume of data from open sources, a team of British investigative journalists has found “solid information” that the Buk missile system that downed Malaysian Airlines flight 17 in July came from Russia, and was sent back there after the disaster. They also traced the Buk’s military convoy back to its base in Russia.

“If it is confirmed a Buk missile was used and the launch site is established by the official investigation as being Snizhne (in Donetsk Oblast), it seems clear the launcher came from Russia, and the government bears the responsibility for killing hundreds of innocent civilians on MH17,” says Eliot Higgins, who led the team of investigative journalists.
Tags: #mh17, ctrlc+ctrilv

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