dedo Vasiľ (ded_vasilij) wrote,
dedo Vasiľ

R.I.P. russia

Just a few kilometers from Moscow city where people by cars worth of $1 million life is totally different.
Some people living in Moscow may even not know how different it is, but it’s real and it’s there.
On this photo just a small example of what happens in rural parts of Russia. Many villages are left by young people who move to cities in a search of jobs and entertainment, some villages are populated with old people.
Here is the glimpse of funeral – an old lady goes on some sort of wooden raft together with a coffin towed by a tractor, though there are some kids so not every young pair moved away from this village.

Tags: rest in pain

  • My comment... «Увидел фото»

    Волшебная сила искусства. Попробуй заставь 20 человек в одних трусах не дышать. Им надо было што-то такое сказать, что даже старая уборщица…

  • Утро туманное..

    А судя по листве и не скажешь, что октябрь катится к закату.

  • Bob, Vaclav & Daša

    Bob Dylan, Václav+Daša Havel, November 7, 2005, Prague, Czech Rep.

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