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Bob Dylan Begins ‘Chronicles: Vol 2’

Bob-Dylan-Esquire-Russia-3Bob Dylan is at work on the second volume of his autobiography, his publishers Simon & Schuster have confirmed in the wake of his Pulitzer Prize citation this week.
It is understood that Dylan is spending the seven week lay-off between the end of his last American tour and the start of his European tour in May to work on “Chronicles Volume Two”.
No publication date has yet been announced, but there is speculation that it will appear before the end of the year.
The first instalment of Dylan’s planned 3-part autobiography, “Chronicles: Volume One”, spent 19 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list and was one of five finalists for the American National Book Critics Circle Award in 2004.
"Most people who write about music, they have no idea what it feels like to play it. But with the book I wrote, I thought, ‘The people who are writing reviews of this book, man, they know what the hell they’re talking about.’ It spoils you … they know more about it than me,” said Dylan in an interview with Rolling Stone, shortly after the release of Volume I.
“The reviews of this book, some of ’em almost made me cry—in a good way. I’d never felt that from a music critic ever."
There are also strong but as yet unconfirmed rumours that Dylan will tour the UK in the second half of July, following the completion of 29 dates in mainland Europe.
Dylan was awarded an honorary Pulitzer Prize on Tuesday (April 8) at the annual ceremony hosted by Colombia University in the US.
A Special Citation was awarded to Bob Dylan for "his profound impact on popular music and American culture, marked by lyrical compositions of extraordinary poetic power."

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