dedo Vasiľ (ded_vasilij) wrote,
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Поваренная книга анархиста. Издание MMXIII. украинское, дополненное и переработанное.

A man swings a chain as protesters try to break through police lines near the presidential administration building during a rally held by supporters of EU integration in Kiev on Dec. 3. (©Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters)

A Ukrainian protester in a homemade protection equipment as his friend has a rest on the Mikhaylivska Square in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, on Nov. 31. Supporters of Euro integration continue their protests in the capital. Riot police dispersed demonstrators with tear gas and truncheons from Independence Square in a pre-dawn action. Protestors re-grouped early in the day, with around 1,000 converging on St. Michael's Cathedral. (©Sergey Dolzhenko/EPA) #
Tags: dwas, eu, За Вашу и нашу свободу

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