dedo Vasiľ (ded_vasilij) wrote,
dedo Vasiľ

John Galt is Homeless

Rachel Haywire

Selfishness used to be a virtue. It was a way to advance ourselves in capitalist society. We were supposed to put ourselves before other people, and this was supposed to be the gateway to success. Yet this was not the way of the future, and many of us were in for quite a surprise. We saw more and more poor conservatives who were too selfish to make it in Corporate America. We saw brilliant people struggle for survival simply because they were disinterested in the will of the group. For the first time in history, it appeared that kindness was winning. >>..

dwas comment: Левые, почуяв что карта им подфартила нешутошная, уже и рученки свои загребущие засунули в святые сусеки, полати и амбары, даже и муки на Колобок наскребли. Доколе хватит?
Tags: atlas shrugged, dwas comment, who is john galt?

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