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Congratulations, Mr. Khuilo !

Посольство США в Москве перестанет выдавать россиянам деловые и турвизы

Congratulations for breaking my heart
Congratulations for tearing it all apart
Congratulations, you finally did succeed
Congratulations for leaving me in need
This morning I looked out my window and found
A bluebird singing, but there was no one around
At night, I lay alone in my bed
With an image of you goin' around in my head
Congratulations for bringing me down
Congratulations, now I'm sorrow bound
Congratulations, you got a good deal
Congratulations, how good you must feel
I guess that I must have loved you more than I ever knew
My world is empty now 'cause it don't have you
And if I had just one more chance to win your heart again
©️Bob Dylan, Traveling Wilburys, 1988
Tags: хуйломанитарная катастрофа

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