October 7th, 2016


Disinformation Digest. issue NEXT

This is not the time for journalism

Last week, German weekly Die Zeit extensively covered the links between the Kremlin and separatist structures in Donetsk and their media manipulation in the separatist areas. Building on the leak of around 10,000 emails, the authors show how the “Information Ministry” of the pro-Russian separatists receives instructions from Kremlin advisers to manage the media coverage of events.

In the analysed material, the authors found convincing proof of media manipulation, including a manual on how separatists should control media outlets in the area. The manual contains the narratives to be conveyed in the media: the West is to be portrayed as Ukraine's enemy and the government in Kyiv should come across as the only part not upholding the Minsk agreement. The document also underlines the importance of closely monitoring social media, and instructs that a commentary group with young activists should be created, a local troll army if you will. At the end of the document feature the contact details of well-known Kremlin ideologists,
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