June 24th, 2016


"Она утонула - 2"

"Как поплавали?" - спросил Астахов с глумливой улыбкой у выживших девочек.

dwas comment: Вот так и обезьянят хуйлопы вслед за своим говнокомувдувающим фурером. А что - тот и тон задаёт, и планку плинтуса ставит на уровне собственного ментального оснащения.

Disinformation Digest. issue NEXT

  • Analysis: White nights in St. Petersburg

  • Analysis: Manipulation is a tough job

  • Analysis: Unlikely supporter

  • Friday fun: Is the EU bad or is the EU bad?

White nights in St. Petersburg

Every year during the “white nights” in June, Russia’s old capital St. Petersburg becomes a meeting place and a communication platform for Russian and international leaders. The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is an annual flagship in the Russian government’s communication.

Russian media portrayed the forum as a successful opportunity for Russia to reach out to the world, without making any real concessions. However, in a time of crisis, the Kremlin’s messages inevitably also find themselves subject to critical debate. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's wish to selectively engage with Russia was covered. At the same time, his statements that the EU does not recognise the illegal annexation of Crimea and that the Minsk Accords need to be fully implemented if sanctions are to be lifted were carefully ignored by many Kremlin-loyal media.
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