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Петиция за международное расследование Смоленской катастрофы 2010.
Petition to Donald Trump calling a international investigation into Smolensk Plane Crash, April 10th 2010

We the Free Poles wish to make a plea to you, Mr. President, as the leader of the Free World, in the face of our country`s helplessness, to initiate an international investigation into the 2010 plane crash in Smolensk, Russia, which killed the Polish President, along with 95 representatives of Poland. Those on board were on their way to the 70th commemoration of the Katyn massacre of Polish intellectuals, politicians and military officers by the Russians in the Second World War.

Full reasoning of request, and Polish version on

Marian Kowalski,
Pastor Pawel Chojecki,
Attorney Andrzej Turczyn,
Leaders of the November 11 Movement, the only anti-Communist and Biblical party in Poland`s history.



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    Q : “ Сотрудница НИИ, пожаловавшаяся на низкие зарплаты, плакала после беседы с силовиками Стало стыдно русофобке всего после часа беседы. Быстро…

  • «СПУТНИКЪ ВЪ» взгляд из Европы.

    “Спутник V? Только из ветеринарного наркозного ружья” Мирек Тополанек, в прошлом чешский премьер (2006-2009) и председатель Совета ЕС.

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