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Девушка из 1956-го


Эрике Корнелии Селеш было 15 лет. Она училась в кулинарной школе и работала помощницей повара в ресторане.

Во время венгерских событий 56-го года вошла в одну из групп сопротивления - была медсестрой в последние дни восстания. Застрелена советскими военными 7 ноября во время уличных боев в Будапеште.

Похоронена на кладбище Керепеши.

Birth: Jan. 6, 1941
Budapest Capital District, Hungary
Death: Nov. 8, 1956
Budapest Capital District, Hungary

Erika Kornelia Szeles, was a 15 Year Old Hungarian Resistance member who fought against the Soviets during the 1956 revolution..

She was a student at the Dobos C. Jozsef Catering School in Pest, and later an apprentice cook at Hotel Bike at Teriz Kvrut 43, Budapest.

Erika joined the uprising with an older friend after Soviet forces invaded Hungary.

Erika served as a nurse, treating wounded resistance fighters during the last days of the uprising.

During a resistance operation, Erika was mortally wounded in a street fight with Soviet soldiers on November 8th 1956 and died on the spot.

The picture was taken by Danish photographer and photojournalist, Vagn Hansen.

Erika was buried on November 14th 1956 at Kerepesi Churchyard in Budapest. The grave number is 21/1/24, and the gravestone still exists today.

The flower of freedom is watered by the blood of patriots.
Kerepesi Cemetery
Budapest Capital District, Hungary
Plot: 21/1/24

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