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All media lie! Apart from pro-Kremlin media… - Disinformation Review

All media lie! Apart from pro-Kremlin media…

The BBC tries to destroy Russia. German media are under brutal censorship. And the US Ambassador threatens Czech TV. Apocalyptic views on respected European outlets dominated last week’s disinformation campaign of pro-Kremlin media in several countries.

Most of the attention was dedicated to the BBC - with leading pro-Kremlin anchors like Dmitry Kiselyov and Vladimir Solovyov dedicating substantial parts of their prime-time shows to the British broadcaster. The reason being the BBC Panorama programme: Putin's Secret Riches, where Adam Szubin from the US Treasury said that Vladimir Putin is corrupt and the US government has known about this for many years (

The pro-Kremlin media did not follow the leads presented in the BBC report. No questions about the current system of Russian economy (on which Adam Szubin’s claims was based) appeared. Instead, they fell back on well-worn logical fallacies like “ad hominem” (, or “tu quoque” (

Thus, in the shows mentioned above, our network noted claims that the BBC is just a small part of a hybrid war that the West is conducting against Russia; and that the broadcaster stains the reputation of Queen Elizabeth II. In the table, you can find links to the claims with precise timings of when they were said.

This "rot" of Western media was amplified by pro-Kremlin media in other countries as well. We saw a Hungarian outlet misquoting the former head of German ZDF, who allegedly said that all German media are under brutal censorship (; Czech TV being accused of lying and of pro-American bias; and tabloid Izvestia spreading the opinion that Western media have eliminated freedom of speech (

Manipulation is objectivity, factual errors are the truth

By contrast, there was at least one media outlet in the West that was mostly praised by pro-Kremlin mouthpieces. Already last week, we pointed to the film “Masks of the Revolution” aired by French TV channel Canal+ ( Before the show was aired, Ukrainian authorities protested against its broadcasting, as they found the trailer highly manipulative. Russian news agency TASS, however, called the documentary “objective” ( A complimentary reaction came also from the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (body established by the Russian President), whose expert on Ukraine, Igor Druz, added that Euromaidan was a coup sponsored by the EU and fulfilled by nazis and/or idiots. He also blamed the majority of French media for being controlled by “ten families”, who cut out from the media any information that is against the idea of globalisation; and stated that there is close to no freedom of speech in France, with only documentary films for small audiences being uncensored (you can find his video-blog in the table).

Seventeen French journalists living and working in Ukraine reacted to the “Masks of the Revolution” in an open letter, saying that they were shocked by the factual errors, unchecked information and manipulation in the film (letter in French here:; in Russian here: Similarly, Le Monde called the filmmaker’s vision “deformed” (

Business as usual - virus attacks, ISIS in Ukraine, nazi coup

In the table, you will also see many older and widely published disinformation pieces recycled. The alleged rape of a 13 year old girl in Berlin; secret laboratories with deadly viruses and biological weapons in Ukraine; the migrant wave organised by the Americans; ISIS fighters joining (pro-) Ukrainian forces and vice versa; ISIS smuggling oil with the protection of the US and Turkey; and of course, a coup in Ukraine, which is now governed by nazis. By the way, the same scenario is allegedly coming to Belarus (

A second fake video with alleged Azov fighters threatening the Netherlands with a terror attack has appeared too: It’s been just two weeks since the last attempt to intimidate the Dutch people with a fake terror threat regarding the April referendum on the EU-Ukraine deal.

Finally, please allow us to direct you to an insider view on the recent protests in Moldova and their coverage by both Western and pro-Kremlin media, written by member of our network Dionis Cenuşa from the “Expert-Grup” think tank:

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